Who We Are:

Scarlet first started modeling professionally 2 years ago, when she was scouted for an editorial fashion project. She fell in love with modeling from the second she stepped in front of the camera, and threw herself wholeheartedly into living and breathing modeling/photography. Her soulmate, Sean, has been her biggest supporter and partner in every endeavor since the very start.


When Scarlet found success in the modeling world, the two of us decided to leave our traditional jobs behind. We have been creating every waking moment for over two years now, and are so happy to be able to say that we genuinely love what we do. This passion for creating beautiful and marketable content shows in our portfolio. We are constantly reinvesting in our business and ourselves, to continue to grow and always create the best possible work for our business partners, who we consider to be members of our team!



Scarlet has been successful in multiple genres of

modeling- commerical, swimwear, fashion, lifestyle, lingerie,

and more. To see her complete modeling portfolio, click the button below.


Our Team:

Scarlet (@scarletbegonias_wildroses)-  Affiliate Model, Influencer, Photographer, Shoot Stylist, Shoot Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Editor/Retoucher

Sean (@finnthehuman8o8/@finnthephotographer8o8)- Photographer, Videographer, Editor/Retoucher, Lifestyle Model, Shoot Coordinator, Manager

Shaylene (@shaylenepase)- Affiliate Model, Influencer, Photographer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Project Coordinator, Editor/Retoucher

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What We Do:

We create high quality, beautiful photos and videos for your website and/or​ social media pages. We have successfully created content for a wide variety of brands. We produce content that catches the interest of a viewer, and turns that viewer into a customer. We are a "one stop shop" for our clients-  we provide everything from the models to represent your brand, to the end product- beautiful, fully edited photos and videos for you to use as you wish on your sites.

 We offer promotion across our Instagram network for the brands and pages we partner with. We maintain reasonable rates for both individual pictures and posts, or long-term rates for brands who wish to partner up with us.

We also create custom photosets for other photographers or individuals who would like us to execute a certain artistic concept. We have examples of some of these photosets in our portfolio. We LOVE making a concept come to life for one of our clients, and are more than happy to release the rights of photos to you for your own editing/use.


With the changes that 2020 brought to our world, we needed to adjust our business model. We are now offering virtual photoshoot sessions with Scarlet, using our photography equipment and Zoom. You can control the camera and see through the viewfinder-  a great option for photographers across the globe to work with us, from the comfort and safety of home. These virtual collaborations have proved very successful from a creative standpoint, and we plan to offer these shoots in various locations even once travel has resumed.